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We went to see Shazam! Fury of the Gods and each had a different opinion about it. See it? Rent it? Skip it all? The HISHE crew talks about the movie in this still Untitled review podcast type show we’re trying to get in the habit of doing.

Wanna help us name the show? Drop your suggestions in the comments.

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How It Should Have Ended
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119 thoughts on “SHAZAM FURY OF THE GODS – HISHE Review Podcast”
  1. Keep the podcast title as “The Still Untitled Review Podcast” (foreveeeeeeeerrrr)
    ‘nough said . . 😬

  2. Does anyone else wonder how the family and Wizard, none of whom have powers at the time, leave their recently destroyed city, and get to Greece to bury their maybe dead son/brother? Was any of it even real?

  3. I have an idea for your next video. Have you ever seen the new chip and dale movie? You can think of how it should’ve end. The story should’ve end with all the Disney/ Non-Disney characters are ending up in the hospital and been brought back to their normal old selves and reunited with their families and friends, like Phineas from Phineas and Ferb reunited with his family and friends or Jaq and Gus reunited with Cinderella and the prince and their friends or Jiminy cricket reunited with Pinocchio, Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo and the blue fairy or Sneezy reunited with Snow White and the 6 other dwarves or Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and friends reunited with Christopher Robin or Abu reunited with Aladdin, Jasmine, the genie and the magic carpet or Cow and Chicken reunited with their parents or Gumball reunited with his family and friends or Bambi reunited with his mother and his father the great prince of the forest and his friends like his girlfriend Faline and his two best friends Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk or Launchpad reunited with the Ducktales group, especially Donald and Daisy Duck or The Cheshire cat reunited with Alice and her wonderland friends or Dipper pines from Gravity falls reunited with his family and friends or Zazu reunited with Simba and the lion king gang or Patrick Seastar reunited with SpongeBob SquarePants and the bikini bottom gang or Tiana from the Princess and the frog 🐸 reunited with her family and friends or even Flounder from the little mermaid reunited with Ariel, Eric, Melody, Sebastian, Scutte and King Triton, or Little John and Toby turtle reunited with Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, King Richard and Skippy bunny, etc. Although I’m not sure about the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland or Kaa the snake from the jungle book. Anyway and then everyone thank Chip and Dale for rescued their missing loved ones and if Peter Pan has been put back to his normal good old self I think everyone would be mad at him. Especially TinkerBell, Wendy, John and Michael.

  4. Hey could you please do a how it should’ve ended for troll hunters rise of the titans?😊

  5. how come the hero cafe isnt included in the star wars videos you do? theres a few moments where batman would of been hilarious

  6. For the new John wick. Can you make the card game they play jack change it I think that’d be funny with them all missing a go n all

  7. The dceu just doesn’t work with light hearted child humor. I mean, the dceu was designed to be a dark and realistic place that had super powers and magic in it but the studio keeps trying to make it too light and cheesy.

  8. Who else here thought Wonder Woman’s one appearance here felt like a HISHE moment but in the best way?

  9. Love the video! Rating system 0-10 jets in the hot tub. 10 being the best of course

  10. It’s funny to me that this was a 80% negative review with intermittent “but I really enjoyed the movie” comments 😂 I think you guys want to have enjoyed this movie more than you actually did lol


  12. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I noticed that their capes are not the same. Shazam was supposed to have a hooded cape with those symbols along the border and his cape is different now. In Shazam 1, 2 or 3 had those special capes and the rest had different ones. Also, Shazam was supposed to have the wisdom of Solomon, and if he had the wisdom of Solomon, he wouldn’t run away from his enemies as he did in #1.

  13. The Lady that fell off the bridge was Producers Peter Safron’s wife, she was also in the first film, she was the scientist that got killed. You could use it in the hishe XD

  14. You know, I actually kind of like that there isn’t a title. I like the idea of maybe just leaving it untiled. Like _HISHE’s Untiled Reviews_ or _Untitled: A HSIHE Podcast_ because that then becomes distinct. That’s the gimmick. There’s no name for this show? No, there’s not, and yet there is.

  15. Surprisingly it was a really good movie. By the end I thought they would actually be bold, but deus ex Gal Gadot appeared and soured the experience a bit. Overall it is an amazing movie

  16. I’d still go see Shazam2, Quantumania or Black Adam before anything MCU gave us in Phase Bore except for No Way Home

  17. Dear Hishe,

    How about you review and do a HISHE of ac actually good movie? Like EEAAO? Or RRR?

  18. Shouldn’t this film be called Fury of the Titans? I mean, Atlas was a Titan, not a god.

  19. Hey, HISHE, can you please upload How Fantastic Four Should Have Ended and How Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Should Have Ended?

  20. I still think it would be great if it was Batman and Superman in the diner talking about the movie 😂

  21. The one who was studying about where the doors went, didn’t find the door with the quill that knows EVERYTHING.

  22. I miss the Hero Swap, you guys should bring that back, luckily I would love to see if Puss in Boots swap roles with Luke Skywalker in the Skywalker Saga.

  23. “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” *John R. Wooden

  24. I really enjoy these podcasts, they remind me of the old hishe reviews but even better

  25. I actually don’t like the first Shazam, but really like this one. I think the first is too scary for kids and boring for adults. I want my superheroes to have at least one epic superhero moment, and the first has none of that. I wanted a thor ragnarok thunder god moment for shazam. I also like the Shazam family, and the first movie gives them very little to do. In this one, I found it better for both younger and older audiences AND the Shazam family got more justice in my opinion. The villains were also better in this one. Not quite Hecate, but close.

  26. Even though the movie failed Zachary is wasting his time getting baited by snyder fangirls(the guy is an actor & has better things to do,those trolls want attention so ignore them & they will go away,the snyder fangirls lost anyway & just like the snyderverse & all snyder movies they are the real failures)these are facts.

  27. Just stick with calling it “The Still Untitled…”. That’ll get funnier as the years go by…

  28. if you like the 1st one then you will love this one!!! says captain every super power jr 🤣🤣

  29. I love how Daniel is like “That thing with Lucy Liu . . . it’s going to be really hot – I mean tuff.”
    “They show Wonder Woman’s boot” Daniel: “Her what? . . . Boot? Oh, I thought you said something else.”

  30. I hate. When an assailant stands behind a main character guns and knives ready and wait to be dealt with, SEBAI . Ala, Stars Wars from Disney.

  31. “Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it’s safe or certain.” *

  32. Imagine if black Adam wasn’t the rock and built up to Shazam being in the end scene. And him being the bad guy in Shazam 2.

  33. I don’t know why but I kind of love that this is an “The Untitled HISHE Review Pod,” it’s a mouthful but feels very How It Should Have Ended.

  34. Hishe reviews were way better. Please continue with that.
    Especially the spoiler warning segments

  35. Wait… is Mary the only character who doesn’t get a new actor when they activate their powers?

  36. I like “How It Ended” will you be posting these to the various podcast platforms?

  37. Question : how do you guys make all those voices for all your characters? Is it just you, or technology?

  38. Even though I wish there’d been more of Asher as Billy, I really enjoyed this movie more than the first.

    Also, I agree with Tina. This was definitely more better than BLACK ADAM in a lot of ways

  39. I agree, NEVER setup something you won’t deliver.
    Warning future Directors!! :O/-

  40. The Avengers Society is a cool name. Billy should go for it to diss Marvel after that Captain Marvel joke. 😂

  41. I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the movie would’ve had long-term consequences, but with the looming Gunn reboot, they had to wrap the big things up in case this was it for the franchise.

  42. I will say this as someone that was dragged to this movie by their eldest nephew despite not watching the first one. It made as much sense as sequel could. I followed along pretty easily, EXCEPT FOR THE END CREDITS SCENE!

  43. Spoilers @16:43 …why do I feel like if they do a HISHE video on Shazam 2 they are gonna fix that scene?? I can see it now too, animation and all. 😂🤣

  44. Just finished watching the new Shazam movie all I’m going to say is that I never thought I could’ve like Daniel more

  45. I think the final battle and its direction deserves major props because this film was smart enough to implement freaking wide shots and not resort to close ups and quick cuts, whilst pretending that both of those things somehow make a big CGI fight exciting. That’s always been my problems with MCU and DCU films and so few get it right. I could actually follow Shazam’s fight with the dragon and I wasn’t left with a headache.

  46. I’d really like to know if it’s worth my time to see the movie.

    But it doesn’t make sense to watch a 30 minute video to decide whether I’ll see a 2 hour movie.

    Reviews should be 5 minutes max.

  47. HOW MUCH DID YOU GET PAID TO MAKE THIS PODCAST? This movie bombed just wondering if the producer called gave you a bag of money

  48. Listen you need to make how should book of boba fett please it makes your fans happy if you make new video

  49. Saw the movie last night really enjoyed I don’t understand how it not doing good at the box office

  50. Ok, let’s start with the beginning:
    I love U guys, you’re great!
    The reviews you use to make to movies (like black panther and infinity war) were some of the best I have ever listen to.
    Now, I know that writing a sirius review take way longer then just sitting down for 30 minutes and talking about a movie.
    And I know that in general lots of youtubers taking this routes these days cause their trieng to run 3 channels onstead of one and they just don’t have time.
    But when you’re that good, you should put on the time and make it proper, as a neighborhood friend of mine once told me, with big power come big responsibility.
    You have the power, you know your responsibility, now please! Give us good well written reviews!

  51. It was a mistake to do the superfam in the first film. It wasn’t really earned and should have been saved for the second film.

  52. Great review, it’s awesome hearing everyone share opinions and laugh at each other’s jokes about the film. Keep being you!

  53. I enjoyed Zachary Levis portrayal of Shazam but Freddie is the best part of the movie in my opinion. Great podcast episode. Looking forward to more.

  54. I think this movie had the same problem as Ant Man: QM. It’s introducing a larger universe in kind of a weak way. Also, the villains were very inconsistent. Whatever. It’s done now.

  55. The sound is good, but y’all should try stereo/quad for replying voices. I know nothing of new “digital” stuff to do that .

  56. Holyshit that was quick!!
    It’s been less of a week when a movie came out

  57. I’m not gonna watch this movie because black Adam’s not in it

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