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Spider-Man 3 How It Should Have Ended

Spider-Man 3 How It Should Have Ended

How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended
Let’s face it, as enjoyable as Spider-Man is, the last film had many moments that “should” have been a little different.

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371 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3 How It Should Have Ended”
  1. Boa noite a todos os dias de hoje, em um projeto para que possamos nos falamos na hora que a minha parte. Para o seu

  2. I just noticed this was in 2007. Damn… Good videos back then. No big surprise there. Lol.

  3. Sandman really isn’t a bad person. He just robbed a bank to get money for his sick daughter and accidentally killed uncle Ben.

  4. There is no way that the movie was posted 9 years ago this YouTuber must have heard of it early or something cause I feel like I just watched the movie 5 months ago ?

  5. 4:47 I know of one such movie, Spidey… but it came a decade later.

    and it was the 3rd in the trilogy!

  6. 4:22. He said FaceTime before it was even a thing! LOL! Been a while since I saw this. Good times.

  7. So much has changed that makes this video wrong…when Spider-Man says name a movie where they kill the main dude off, I was like “Logan”.

  8. I didnt mind spiderman 3 the movie but I still hate dancing spiderman

  9. Jesus I can remember me sitting down in 2010 watching YouTube for the first time I was 12 my I feel old

  10. Look how much they changed and improved! They have done this for so long and when this was made I was 3….. omg

  11. I was in 7th grade 13-14 years old when this was out. Now I’m in college. yikes

  12. seeing Batman and then Harry with half of his face disfigured made me realize that Harry basically became two face when he took that grenade to the face. lol

  13. *venom lands symbiotes clear off Eddies face*
    Eddie: hey Parker.
    Parker:Eddie! why do you always have that venom look?
    Eddie: beacuse it gets me more face time. idk why i laughed so much at this.

  14. Used the same skit from 2:00-2:24 in the amazing Spider-Man 2 how it should have ended

  15. HISHE, are you ever going to do videos on the first two Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire?

  16. Did anyone realise that the guys in between 1:57-2:06 come in The Amazing Spiderman 2 HISHE video?

  17. why did you post this before you posted How Spider Man 1 and 2 should of ended

  18. It’s says age restricted what the frank is that all about do they say the F word?

  19. “You don’t understand. I have a daughter. She’s sick. That makes it okay for me to break the law.” xD

  20. 3:04 if they do that for Spider-Man Homecoming I will piss my pants from laughter

  21. other where else is better than the break up part that one is so ……. what the i have info but Spider Man 3 is a cool Movie i can’t tell i like witch one the most now because of Captain America 3 we have a new Spiderman movie heard to comment kind of liking the one form Spiderman even i am a fan of The Amazing Spiderman Movie version .

  22. 4:47 um… Logan? (I know this came out almost 10 years ago, don’t shit on me)

  23. was 7 when this came out I remember HISHE was kinda new, just kept growing from there who agrees they improved from here

  24. Saw this in recommended and it said 9 fucking years ago Jesus Christ it
    feels like only 2 seconds ago I watched this video be uploaded

  25. Hey I am 10 and I wanted to watch this video ages ago but it was asked me
    for my age

  26. You don’t understand
    I have a daughter and she’s sick
    so it makes it OK to break the law I’m not bad

  27. Narration part is totally wrong.and the team has probably never watched
    TAS. Thats totally spiderman’s style

  28. I bet they are gonna remaster this video in may when spiderman homecoming
    comes out.

  29. Is Rogue One an example of title characters killed off? There’s some
    theories that Jyn is Rogue from the Knights of Ren, and Bodhi looks
    straight at Jyn when using the Rogue call sign (which didn’t even exist for
    Luke’s Red Squadron yet)

  30. What do you mean I love you you love me ring you’re red haired I’m
    Spider-Man ….you can’t do this to me

  31. Some day we’ll get a Spider-Man movie where they don’t turn Venom into a
    giant cunt.

  32. Don’t suppose this will ever get an HD re upload? I mean… is it not just
    me or is this video only available in 240p ?? 😀 (still awesome ofcourse)

  33. haha weird how could it be when harry’s butler is reasoning with him in the
    best time he fired him because peter repeled the gernade

  34. Is it just me or does the music in the beginning sound like Light of the
    Seven from GOT Season 6?

  35. Love the part when Aunt May said that reminds me of a long boring story
    that will only make you fell guilty and the wrong choices in

  36. isn’t this the same black guy that was in the Amazing Spider Man 2 that was
    on the machine he has more sense than the other two scientist

  37. When i was 6 , i saw this video as my first ever youtube video ever , now
    i’m 15 hahahahah

  38. why I can’t see the video ,,,,this content is age restricted like wtf and
    watts up with that

  39. Literally the first thing I thought of when he asked who kills off the main
    character was Katniss?

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