Strobe Cream by M.A.C {REVIEW}


So ‘strobing’ has been the new thing over these last few months. Personally I am still in love with contouring but each to their own. This post is a little late to the party but for those of you who are still not so sure about strobing, here is a little info;


What is it? Strobing is simply using illuminating products on your face – mainly your cheekbones and forehead – to give you that healthy, glowing and dewy look. Very different to the harsh and sleek contouring which we are so accustomed to.

What is the M.A.C Strobe Cream? This has got to be one of the fastest selling M.A.C products over the last few months. EVERYONE has gotten their hands on it because its the most well known item for strobing. More and more brands are bringing out “illuminiating” products but M.A.C has had this on their shelves for ages.  It costs R410 for a 50ml tube.


It is quite basically an iridescent and illuminating cream which (as said on the official website) doubles up as a moisturiser. I would NOT recommend this because strobing is all about keeping it to select parts of your face. NOT the entire thing.

The website also states that it is jam packed with nutrients and green tea. It definitely brings a gorgeous glow to your skin. However, you do need to apply quite a generous amount. And for R410 I don’t think I could live with my conscious to use 5ml per day.



So, what I love about this product is that it does what its supposed to; it brings a gorgeous healthy glow to your skin and – even though you need to use a lot –  its much lighter than piling on loads of powdered highlighter.

What I don’t like is the price compared to how much you need to use for it to show up on the skin. As you can see from the pictures I could barely capture the glow properly, but that could be more to do with my photography skills than the actual product.


I have already passed this product on to a friend – as much as I like it, I will stick with my M.A.C Lightscapade Skinfinish for its very similar effect any day!


Rayne XX