Summer is the season that everyone is waiting for so that they can have a good rest and party until morning. And it opens more options for your kids as well. Let’s see what kind of party you can get for your kid in summer!

Let’s start a bonfire!

Time to get some hot dogs and marshmallows for your party and let your kids feel a taste of adventure! It’s a good option for young and older kids, too. If you want you can arrange some tents to make it feel like a camping trip. And don’t forget to prepare some stories for your talks around the fire!

Hawaii style

Of course, this party is best suited to be held on the beach bank. However, since it’s kids we are talking about, a pool can do just fine. You can even use the one you can inflate. What’s really important here is the atmosphere. Add some pineapple and coconut decorations, flower necklaces and wreaths. And make the swimsuit the obligatory dress-code. And don’t forget that you will need to have a shaded area to make sure that no one gets a sun-stroke.

Ice cream is coming

What’s the best treat under the summer sun? It’s ice cream of course! Create a cute ice cream bar (take some inspiration from Willy Wonka) with the favorite flavors and let your kids feel like they entered a wonderland!

Movies under the open night sky

Everyone likes movies and watching them in the open air is best done in summer of course. Night can sometimes get cold so don’t forget to prepare some blankets and hot drinks with treats. It will turn watching any movie into an unforgettable experience.

Slide in chocolate

Kids love chocolate and they often don’t mind getting their hands dirty with it. Bring their chocolate love to a whole new level. You know those slip n’ slides for kids? All you need to do is add chocolate and whipped cream instead of water in them. And you might need to prepare the clothes that you won’t miss after such a party. Rest assured, your kids will have the time of their life!


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