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Super Cafe – Let’s-A Go

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Super Cafe – Let’s-A Go

A Super Mario returns to the Cafe to hype up the Bros about his big day.

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162 thoughts on “Super Cafe – Let’s-A Go”
  1. They also forgot Doom, hitman, Bloodrayne, monster hunter, halo, Rampage, warcraft, street fighters, D.O.A, max payne,Payne, prince of Persia, far cry and some I don’t know if other movies from the games.

  2. Maybe Zelda or Pyra and Mythra should join with with super man and batman with their tell stories.

  3. Ok tomb raider still my fav. Lara Croft always helps me stay strong when I’m down

  4. Having seen the movie and all the easter eggs, I can say the movie DID Nostalgia real hard. He’s unclogged the pipes of competition and now dominates. The hype was worth it. The king has come.

  5. Man of Steel has a 56% RT rating.

    Super Mario Bros Movie has a 56% RT rating.

    They are the same.

  6. I honestly haven’t seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie yet, but I’ll bet it’s good regardless.

  7. Are we forgetting that Super Mario Bros the movie made people scared to make game movies of any kind for like a decade?

  8. First we had the superhero cafe, then the villain pub. Can we get a video game diner next?

  9. I would like to introduce you to the first successful adaptation Pokemon the anime.

  10. Dear muricans, mario is not pronounced

    ‘Morio’ or ‘maw-rio’

    It’s mario.. like how it’s spelt..

    I know ‘yall’ can’t pronounce a properly, hence ‘Toemaydoe’ but stop saying ‘pawstaw’ and ‘mawrio’

    It’s pasta and Mario. Pasta sounds more like faster than it does imposter. ‘Impasta’ doesn’t make sense unless you have an accent 🇺🇸🤠 because US accents say ‘posta’ or ‘pawstaw’

  11. Mario don’t remember he had a live action movie that was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  12. Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for another episode of The Super Cafe. Bring this back. It’s not a want but a need. This is saving me from sabotaging myself.

  13. I know these technically aren’t video game adaptations but I think Pixels and Ready Player One are worth a mention. Warcraft would definitely be a mention though for any WoW fans.

  14. Mario movie was cool. Could’ve been longer. But Sonic did have the best movies to me. Don’t start a fight. It’s just my opinion. I’m Team Sonic though.

  15. Hahaha love it! “Drifting pretty far from from what people term successful adaptations” lol

  16. It is hilarious that what jump man said is actually true. He nostalgic blast everyone to the point where illumination is on point to make a billion dollars with this film.

  17. I didn’t prepare for that Mortal Kombat shout-out. It specifically says “the new one” too. The plot might be dull, but they do everything else exactly like the game

  18. Agree with commenters – we need Bowser to make an appearance at the Villain Pub.

  19. Yeah I was confused why did mario say he’s the 1st video game movie of all time? Like sonic make the 1st big huge budget of all time and wreck it raph also made the 1st video game movie from Disney if I could be wrong? I love this video and you did make mario the most embarrassing show off character of all time, Chris Pratt did good in the movie.

  20. Oh but he was right! BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER FOR A VIDEO GAME MOVIE!! Take that, Disney! Take that Supes and Bats… wow. Didn’t think it would happen, but it did!

  21. Yeah no, The FNAF movie is coming out this year and I KNOW it will top Super Mario sorry

  22. I will not stand for this Castlevania erasure. And Warcraft I hear was alright.

  23. How you should have ended it should do dungeons and dragons honour among thieves next

  24. I would say Mario was the first game adaptation simply because it was the game and not reality. If we count live action then I think Mortal Combat won.

  25. No one gonna mention Arcane and Cyber punk. They are series but they are amazing video game adaptation

  26. Great video as always but you lose points for not mentioning the Ratchet & Clank movie, which though had problems was still a BIG step in the right direction for video game movies.

  27. in the mario movie hishe’ can you do an ending where peach leads bowser to the human world and bowser gets shot down by the military?😂

  28. 1:34 Plants Vs zombies will have there own movie to angry birds cause pop cap!

  29. Superman getting hyped because someone demanded it of him, is somehow the most Superman thing I’ve seen Superman do.

  30. @ 02:30 to 02:33 – Missed an opportunity to use “I am -Groot- Klaus!” cameo, IMHO. 😅

  31. Give us a villain pub episode with Bowser finally having his time… And palps’ blessings obviously.

  32. I just watched the old Mario movie, and I must say that it needs your treatment

  33. After all these years…
    *Happy Sigh*
    …Ah, it’s nice to watch some mindless fun, isn’t it?

  34. I just saw the movie Mario and it’s a solid 10/10. It’s on the same level as the sonic movies. Just nonstop fun for all ages. Plus it has my favorite comedian Sebastian Maniscalco voicing one of the characters in the movie lol 😂

  35. Really reaching for Last of Us to be considered a good silver/tv screen rendition

  36. The we are all superheroes bit and I’m Batman! I’m Mario! Neither of these get old! Hahaha! And also Chris Pratt’s voice!

  37. Moments of silence for the deceased who died before seeing their favorite video game characters coming on the big screen

  38. Moments of silence for deceased people who died before seeing their video game characters debut on big screen

  39. Despite the fact that sonic acctualy has potential for an on going movie franchise where as Mario only has potential for 3 maybe 4 movies

  40. HISHE really missed a chance by have the characters from the movies they were talking about walk across screen for funnies. I’m not saying this way bad, it was still very funny. I just wanted to say it would have 10-5% more funny if the main or face character from each of those movies they mentioned just wondered across the screen just doing nothing by minding their business & walking.

  41. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released on Friday, but in anticipation of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, I would love to see a HISHE video for my favorite Chris Pratt movie, The Tomorrow War. I enjoyed it far more than The LEGO Movie 1 or 2, or either of the previous Guardians of the Galaxy films, or any of the Jurassic World films.

  42. I’m gonna need to u guys to step it up with the content cuz I love all ur stuff…o just need more of it asap! 😂

  43. 2:34 Oh My God!! Batman finally didn’t get the last word in! Let’s ‘a Go!!

  44. Arcane and Castlevania are also amazing shows based on games. I GUESS the witcher too but those were games based on books but… yeah ok.

  45. Need a conversation at Super Café about James Gunn’s DC. Address the changes in most creative and funny way possible

  46. Whoa, you forgot the best adaptation: Arcane. That’s like the best, ever.

  47. Even if it’s really good, there’s no way that it’s gonna pass Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva as the best video game movie.

  48. Mario is right,plus 99% of video games adaptations s**k & just because they make a lot of sequels doesn’t mean that it’s successful nor good(I.e. fast & furious,friday the 13th,nightmare on elm street,etc)everything sonic s**ks & nothing of it is ever successful(if it was sega would had been in 1st place & still making consoles 😂🤣😂)these are facts.

  49. can’t wait for the actual Mario Bros Movie HISHE. you are doing that, right?

  50. Actually first successful videogame adaptation was First OG Mortal Kombat movie…

  51. Mario movie is along the lines of….the pixels movie with adam sandler….not sonic…

  52. I know the Oscars were last month but I still want to see a Best Picture nominee recap.

  53. ugh i already got annoyed with mario’s voice in this, having a whole movie like that is gonna be yuck.

  54. One of the Sonic movie trailers and the movie itself had the “Friends” song from Sonic Mania, which isn’t a rap, but it is a song from the source material, so there you go, Mario

  55. Can’t wait for your take on the plot holes & missed opportunities for this film. 😂

  56. You could just do these Cafe videos, and Villains Pub, and I’d be a very happy camper!

  57. There’s been a lot of D&D video games. Probably more than Mario ones for that matter.

    Also, where’s my HISHE D&D.

  58. I hope the Super Mario Movie does really well, not because I love Super Mario, but because I want to see a Legend of Zelda movie one day.

  59. How exactly did you miss Arcane when listing successful video game adaptations?

  60. 1. The Last of Us isn’t *that* good, Clark.
    2. That’s why everyone liked Tomb Raider.
    3. Yikes, did that new Mortal Kombat actually succeed? That is unaccountable.
    4. For the love of all that is holy, stop pronouncing the word “bros.” It’s Super Mario Brothers! When did the world lose track of this information?!

  61. Kind of wish Luigi popped in between Mario and Batman at the end when they were saying their catchphrases and had said “and I’m a Luigi! Number One!”. Overall though, great video! Especially coming from a plumber who lives in the sewers.

  62. “Just kidding everybody, this is what my face is really gonna look like” 😂

  63. Mario’s saying all this yet his Rotten Tomatoes score is worse than both Sonic movies lol.

  64. Honestly, though? Why don’t people consider some video game characters to be superheroes? Most of them have powers, tools and/or skills that are like some superheroes, and most of them use those things to save or protect. What IS the difference?

  65. 1:17 Sonic Ova technically is a thing so sonic has 3 movies, take that Mario!

  66. OK Mario, I know you’re here at all but your movie a cry in a while, exact opposite of a video game

  67. I GENUINELY hoped that the Mario movie was pulling a sonic and was only going to use Chris Pratt’s voice in the trailer as a publicity stunt

    Like “you thought a standard American white guy was the voice we were going with”

    *pulls out video game voice actor who is STILL ALIVE*

    😒side eye the movie so gard

  68. And yet, you still sound more like Mario than the movie… That’s just depressing.

  69. Can somebody please make a video that has Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario in the same room?

  70. The short answer is that Mario can’t be a superhero because superheroes are based around the real world, and Mario, you’re just going to have to accept this, is an Isekai.

    …or a Portal Fantasy if you’re more of a literary nerd like me.

  71. Mario, an Italian plumber is being voiced by chris pratt from guardians of the galaxy and dinosaurs theme park stuff.

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