The Drift release the video for “Hunted”

It takes years, and it all came down a difficult road. But no matter, because

through our experiences in the South African underground music scene

we’ve all learnt one bloody thing. As long as you are prepared to put it all in,

and expect nothing in return – then you may just get somewhere,

knowing full well that could be nowhere.

Or simply, five pals got together and jammed…

The Drift, comprised of seasoned old salts from various corners of the

South African scene, performed with Lamb of God during their South African

tour in January 2014, as well as playing with international bands Unearth,

Protest the Hero, Wolfmother, Affiance and a national tour with Dreamshade.

2015 is off to a busy start with the band playing Witchfest alongside

Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Epica, Decapitated, Kataklysm, Belphegor and

many more. The Drift was also chosen as the sole support act for the

At the Gates event in Johannesburg.


“These guys are at the forefront of the growing South African heavy music

scene and are poised to spread their groove laden metal throughout the

World!” – Trevor Phipps (Unearth)

The Drift will be releasing their second album ‘The Mountain Star’ in May.

“As the last Exile and the Omnus converged, the great Deluge claims the

lives of mankind… All? No. A small handful remain…”

THE DRIFT: Hunted Music Video





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