What does the FUTURE OF MUSIC look like?

Do you know where the Origin of Album Artwork comes from?

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In 1939 Alex steinweiss invented the album artwork. Before he came up with the idea, records didn’t have any artwork, just a brown dust cover. The first album he illustrated made 800% more profit. With the transition to MP3’s we lost the album, we lost the artwork, we were left with the cover and a tracklist. It’s about time we change that.

Have you heard of Whitestone?

Whitestone is the first platform for interactive music experiences. A place to create, collect, and truly experience music online.

They are a group of artists, designers and programmers with a vision to bring album art to the internet, using the medium to create special interactive editions of albums and videos. Streaming is just the beginning, They want to take it a step further.

What does Interactive music experiences mean?

Converting a static album cover to an interactive one by assigning keys commands, touch gestures or camera input to control the layers of the artwork and the tracks.

Technically it is possible and a bunch of artists are already doing it but the conventional music platforms are not built for such releases. These guys make tools to help artists create and release interactive experiences.


How is this going to even be possible?

By creating a Transparent, Crowdfunded music platform.

We all heard the stories and frustration of artists about the current situation of the music industry. These guys believe that by crowdfunding Whitestone and keeping it away from venture capital and major label ownership they can build an honest, sustainable marketplace that we will all want to be part of.

They are launching their Kickstarter campaign on Sunday 30th of August, so be sure to join them and make this a reality!

For more info visit their website

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