“The Heretic”

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Adam Negral Danski

Witchdoctor Productions is happy to announce that there will be two Book signing sessions by Adam Nergal Darski of BEHEMOTHMonday 28th March 2016 at The Mercury Live – Johannesburg and Tuesday 29th March 2016 at The Mercury Live Cape Town. More details will be available next month via our website. Pre orders for both book the booksBEHEMOTH BIOGRAPHY – “DEVIL’S CONQUISTADORS” and CONFESSIONS OF A HERETIC will also be up via the Webstore located at www.witchdoctorproductions.com/shop

Confessions Of A Heretic is the forthright and erudite memoir of Adam Nergal Darski, the frontman and driving force behind the Polish extreme metal group Behemoth, currently at the top of their game following the release of their 2014 US Top 40 album The Satanist.

Presented as a series of interrogations by friends and associates, and with a foreword by Lamb Of God frontman D. Randall Blythe, the book reveals a complex man of great contrast—a health-conscious, highly personable intellectual known for his extreme views and even more extreme music—lifting the lid on everything from his clashes with the Polish Catholic Church to appearing as a judge on the Polish version of The Voice to his battle with leukaemia.

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