Three years after their debut performance in South Africa in December 2014 as part of their world tour to introduce their first studio albumHey Ho’ to 10 000 fans in Cape Town and a whopping 15 000 fans attending their Johannesburg show, the Lumineers finally returned to South Africa this past week.

First paying a visit to the Mother City on Wednesday April 26th (which officially kicked off the SA leg of their tour), followed by the second concert which was held at the TicketPro Dome in Jozi on Friday the 28th in support of their second hit album called ‘Cleopatra’.

Find the link to the hit song ‘Cleopatra’ from their latest album below:

This hit album was released in 2016 and spent 46 weeks on Billboard 200 – peaking at the no. 2 spot. Check it out:

Here’s the story of ‘Cleopatra’ as told by Wesley Schultz, leadsinger and guitarist of Lumineers:

To prove that local is indeed lekker, 5fm spiced things up a bit.

A competition was hosted over a period of 6 weeks in a search to find the opening act for both Cape Town– as well as the Johannesburg concert.

Popular local Indie bands were identified and listeners had to vote for their favourites via the 5fm App.

The four bands shortlisted were THE SHABS, OPPOSITE THE OTHER, EARLY HOURS and SEAN KOCH TRIO.

On March 17th the Lumineers band member Jeremiah Fraites announced their choice with Cape Town-based band OPPOSITE THE OTHER taking the top spot as opening act for both venues.

To see the rest of this album:

I was quite chuffed when Dale DK Kopping (owner and founder of SA’s number one Nightlife, Events and Lifestyle Blog, DK Expressions) who I’ve been working with on a freelance basis had asked me if I wanted to cover and shoot this international, sensational American Indie Folk band with him at the JHB show, mainly because:

  1. I’m a huge fan and
  2. Both of us had obtained accreditation to cover their first show in Gauteng back in 2014, which definitely was one for the books- so this one was bound to be beyond epic.

As the days became less, fans on social media platforms of all kinds were clearly beyond excited and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive- some having bought their tickets 7 months prior to the event date.

With the break of dawn on Friday, the excitement level became heightened.

All geared up, #DKEXP was en route by 17:30pm and luckily for us, with the long-weekend in our midst- traffic was flowing like a dream.

Upon arrival, most parking lots closest to the Dome were jam packed.

After driving around a bit we were assisted by a friendly car marshal who were appointed and allocated specifically by the organisers, and eventually we had found a space to park not too far off.

Thousands of people were queuing up at all the allocated entrances.

I must add that as media representatives, we feel like the Security should up their game.

Every time it’s either confusion, miscommunication, bad planning that wastes peoples time and energy, not to speak of the bad attitudes that accompany the hassle.

Once we got inside everything went down smoothly, with no hiccups.

We met up with the PR ladies to get our accreditations along with the complimentary Golden Circle tickets from Big Concerts that we were given to our +1’s.

The energy was without a doubt cheerful and uplifting as we entered the Dome to head to the stage and Media Pit area.

The excitement amongst thousands of fans was out of this world and intoxicating.


Almost everyone was enthusiastically singing along to the lyrics (some covers and some of their own songs) with the band members of Opposite the Other who were rocking the stage at the time.

They had provided good interaction with the crowd, who had warmed up to them during the course of their show, and one can’t help but notice that their energetic vibe that was going around must have smeared off onto the crowd by this up and coming band.

The guys added that “it’s a dream come true and an honour’” to be opening for the Lumineers.

#DKEXP rates the Lumineers chose very wisely.

We predict big things to come for this local Indie band if these gents stay as down to earth and as energetic as they are.

By 21:00 pm fans were pumped up and more than ready for the main act to come on stage.

Some of the technical guys came on stage to set up after the opening act had thanked the listeners before making their exit.

It wasn’t too long before the stage went dim and dark, and one could feel the crowd’s anticipation as you heard cheers and shrieks of excitement filling the arena.

This was followed by the intro and the band members appearing on stage.

To view the rest of the album please visit:

The crowd went nuts as the internationally popular band sang some of their previous’ albums’ hit tracks, mixing it up with some of the newer tracks like Ophelia and of course the hit song, ‘Cleopatra’.

Literally each and every soul present at this event was singing along to all of the songs performed.

Also famous for their humble attitudes, the Lumineers once again had the crowd astounded as they announced the next song ‘Charlie Boy’, telling the heartwarming story behind the lyrics to the crowd and then, unintentionally they started singing the wrong track. About two lines into the song, Wesley, the lead singer froze in the middle of the lyrics bringing the band to a halt and admitted to their mistake, apologising and stating that everyone is but human and “everyone fucks up sometimes“.

The words hit a nerve and the fans acknowledged his sincerity as they started rooting and whistling with a round of applause. This, if anything else- reminded everyone that messing something up is okay sometimes. It doesn’t matter how you fall, what does matters is merely how you pick yourself up.

As a final word, I need to mention that #DKEXP is really impressed with the whole production, from stage setup to the lighting effects as well as the sound production & quality.

All of those crucial criteria for a rocking show were considered and met- exceptionally well too, in comparison with other events that normally get hosted at the Dome.


To the members of Lumineers: We love your work and the passion that you have for what you do. We do look forward to your next visit to SA to bring us your fine tunes!

Congratulations on Cleopatra, may it reach platinum status!

Written by Estelle Janse van Rensburg

Photo Credit: Estelle Janse van Rensburg

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