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the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

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292 thoughts on “the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro”
  1. Wow. @2:45, the guy leaving the train says “Enjoy your adventure”, then you open up Apple TV and on the home screen is ‘Apple Immersive ADVENTURE’. Coincidence?!? 🙂

  2. 8:10 Word? You just forgot you were looking through a ski mask aimlessly pinching at things in the air EVEN WHEN EVERYONE IS STARING AT YOU LIKE YOU’RE A WEIRDO?

  3. Real question. When using the goggles, are you seeing through the glass into the real world? Or is it a screen and you see from a camera feed?

  4. they should use the google glass technology so its so small just like ur wearing regular eye glasses

  5. “I get off here, enjoy your adventure”
    That’s how I feel about the Vision Pro after watching this video

  6. My biggest concern is privacy when it gets smaller, you can then be filmed having sex. It needs to be stopped:

  7. The earth will never be the same. This is going to be a plague and this is so wrong no matter how good it will be

  8. I wonder if you walk off leavin a window if you go back like after a few min or so if window would still be in spot where left

  9. Absolutely perfect review of these things. People will look back and laugh at how bulky these things are when they eventually shrink into in your ray bans.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this to start happening for a few years now. I know its coming, but this is the first step to us being in A.R. Eventually this will be how we recolor our walls, and resize our screens. It’s a bit scary , but at the same time…. excites me for the whats to come.

  11. this makes no sense sry wtf you want to watch mr beast at time square there is no serious use case

  12. the day apple will take the world by storm with the vision…is when they make it a sunglass …im not wearing that bluk crap outside..i have a quest for that

  13. Nobody wants to attach a screen to their eye. Videos are over invading people’s lives. The device is a flop.

  14. You can see people are gonna buy it to watch x rated videos and no one will know what he is watching in the subway hahaha

  15. Asking myself if those Windows you left behind stays there and the next time you pass by they still there waiting for you😅

  16. What’s the point? To be as antisocial as possible while crossing paths with society? Who would want this?

  17. you say it’s not the future of AR but it’s literally the definition of AR.

    It’s just changing reality by adding a few things

  18. Casey neistat can you please review eating bugs and comparing it to the soy options available

  19. I’m waiting for life to become like blade runner and cyberpunk and I feel like we are right there, so close!

  20. The key word I get from this review is ‘peek’: a peek into the future. This is momentous, but despite being so advanced, it is ultimately clunky first gen. I’m looking forward to seeing where Apple can take this, spurred on by competition

  21. everytime im in NYC i always try and spot people i may know, but then it hits me. no one lives there unless youre uber rich, or you love the hustle.

    still an ok city tho. smells like ass

  22. What an expensive way to be high legally everywhere… its a good reason to be in a LALA land while being in real world…

  23. You mentioned that the blending of digital and reality is what’s going to make this new interface the future of computing. I fear this is what’s going to cause severe, irreversible damage to our brains and our society, as we’ll grow unable to discern reality from computing. The thing about our phones today is they’re so obviously a completely separate entity than us, and look at the damage they already done. Soon, we’re gong to be one with our computers.

  24. This is the clunky technologically hamstrung version of just piping those images direct into your optic nerve or some shit

  25. hold up casey, lowkey around 9:50 mark. you probably show what the future of hand gesture can look for closing and moving windows

  26. Mobiles where not enough to make us walking zombies so they gave us this… It is so sad to watch all this “evolution”

  27. Me: *wants to visit Times Square but wallet says nope*; Casey: *watches Dune and Mr. Beast with 3.5K headset*

  28. It will not take, like 3D tv set never took. There is no form factor better than the one that exists already with smartphones.

  29. Is that really a future we want? We’re already living lives completely fractured, because everyone has their own pocket-reality on social media.

    So what’s going to happen when we each get our own version of the outside world as well?

  30. I love how when it gets to the tier where mkbhd Casey or even jerry rig exist, there’s no immature competition like some of the smaller pages that are trying so desperately to make it to the top. The way Casey plugged mkbhd so casually, goes to show they don’t care about who’s on top, they care about putting out the content that people want to see. Nothing against the smaller channels, I guess it’s a part of their journey to be competitive and try to surpass other channels, but just an observation. These genuine top tier creators that are in this for the passion of tech are the boon of YouTube.

  31. 2:00 she definitely took a picture of him (people watching Apple Vision Pro users is comical)

  32. This is not it. This is a glimpse of what it can be. This looks like the opposite of practical. What you really want is something like a google glass, but better. VR headsets aren’t for walking on the streets. Whenever we get something like an actual glass, this will be it. Veeery cool video, BTW. Really funny seeing the reactions of people, specially that lovely guy.

  33. The only negative thing that I see is that politeness and individuality as they already strongly exist among connected people will fade away to this world in which everything that revolves around you gets the priority to the human being physically in front of you. We can masturbate ourselves by saying that “you gotta have savoir-vivre” but deep inside, we know that most people will be more isolated than ever and will nurture lonelyness and egocentrism…beyond that sociological consideration, porn must be great though…(just kidding).

  34. I still don’t understand, ur just watching videos and doing everything as on a phone/laptop, while interacting less and less with the world around you, I’m scared for future generations

  35. Someone at one of our tech conferences phrased it so wonderfully. The moment the technology disappears, only then does it become truly useful.

  36. Almost 70% of people wear prescription glasses or contacts. This doesn’t work with either. They don’t guarantee the Zeiss lenses work. This will flop.

  37. My first thought on seeing this and hearing it has an M2 chip was, can this be your one computer?
    Then that price (which I assume will come down) doesn’t seem so crazy.
    Get it down to the size of glasses,probably use speech to text, have ear buds as part of the design …. That could work

  38. What is crazy is that seing most people with vr glasses will be completely normal in 5 years

  39. Could you also do a video on a more critical opinion of yours on tech like this? Would love to hear that 🙂

  40. I don’t actually want them to remake back to the future but this made me wish they had the capability of doing it well.

  41. “Standing at a subway stop watching a Mr Beast video is a pretty special experience.” 💀

  42. This product is going to create future generations of more socially awkward, backwards, consumerist NPC humans….

  43. It’s interesting how people react to seeing Casey wearing these. They don’t look scared or weirded out, they look amazed.

  44. i find this cool but i hate apple stuff i prefer android and windows 10 can this still work without any other apple stuff?

  45. Yeah I’ll wait for the glasses or contacts so I look less nutz. Enjoyed it though 🙏🏻

  46. i recomend buy one of this first generetion and never open for sell it in the future…. thank me latter! cheers

  47. „You can interact with the whole world wherever you.“

    Yeah, why bother with people around you. 😂

  48. In other words, what ur trying to say is…not worth the money…😅 epic fail 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Im surprised how casual this video was even after being so informative, i dont see myself having enough bengemins to drop on this headset even in the future but man am i interested in getting it now

  50. I watched the entire video. The only feature that I couldn’t do on my Meta Quest 3 is the FaceTiming with the (creepy) photo realistic avatar.

    I’d love to hear of a compelling use case as to what makes this product different/ better than the Meta Quest 3.

  51. I hope this prediction is wrong and it’s not the future of computing, because if so it means the death of eye contact between people, which would be pretty sad.

  52. Many many years ago I was amongst the first customers of the Apple Newton and felt like Casey: it feels like a glimpse into the future…. now the glimpse is everyday reality with the iPhone for a long time already … cant wait for the vision pro to evolve in the same way …

  53. WOH… imagine if you could enter another persons vision instance. Like you said “Hard to imagine you cant see what I see”…. what if we get there. WOH

  54. If these looked a lot thinner more sleek looking I guarantee you everyone’s gonna make these common practice

  55. Feel like we’re going to end up with something like the ARI glasses that Norman Jayden uses in heavy rain.

  56. headset tracking fails when moving because it’s like the bad VR headset (oculus) and designed for the thing they (meta) just abandoned (metaverse)

  57. But…. It’s sooooo baddddd. C’mon guys, this thing is the most useless piece $4000 tech in history. Like what the hell. Wake up. It’s awful.

  58. “when they figure out how to make these not be heavy $4k metal ski goggles” that, precisely, is where the problem lies. there are so many challenges in that, that i don’t see it happening any time soon, not in any mainstream manner that’s for sure. maybe in 20 years?

  59. It’s just so ridiculous and the price shows it. I can see how it would be useful if you could use it on the move but if you’re only using it when you’re still why not just use your phone. All the People staring at you is hilarious though.

  60. In other words if you have a PlayStation , Xbox or pc and love Technology like drones or action cameras. Maybe Dslr mirror less Cameras or 360 Cameras. Etc then this is a must have

  61. I’m calling it now. They’re going to turn this technology into a simple contact lens or a revamped Google glasses. It’s about to get real scary in the world

  62. Next leveling the human disconnect from living. Curious when the first Apple Vision death occurs and the circumstances. I’m guessing walking into traffic.

  63. Yaşama karışılmaz çünkü herkesin yaşamı var. Kötülük şeytandandır şeytan olmayın yüzsüz olmayın önce insan sonra Allah’a kul olun. Çok şey isteme sapıtırsın günahlarını düşün ağlarsın girdiysen hakka yanarsın.(Ayşe Nur Öztürk)

    “Ateşe dayanabileceğin kadar günah işle.” Hadis-i Şerif

  64. A great revolution is happening, the Apple Vision Pro has officially ushered in the era of spatial computing, bringing a new experience in consumer electronics, and we are planning to make it one-twentieth the price of the Apple Vision Pro

  65. Guys putting their hands out to move windows look they are trying to grab some nearby boobs. 🙈

  66. Teenager are already walking zombies, unable to sit at the table or in public gatherings for longer than 5minutes without reaching for their smartphone and scroll through arbitrary content on tiktok and insta. Their dopamine household is already damaged. Abstinence is emotionally painful, which shows that an addiction has developed.
    I witnessed this with myself and I am trying to reduce my screen time drastically. This device is even worse. You cant even know if the person you are talking to is listening to you or a youtube video.

  67. Users have evolved from “talking to themselves” to “catching imaginary flies”. Nice 👍

  68. I just can’t shake off the fact, that this video could have easily been made about the Quest3 months ago with exactly the same findings (some of us have already traveled and watched videos in VR with the same issues).
    But Apple being Apple pushes this to mainstream and here have Casey with this awesome video! I like it! 😁

  69. 8:56 No Casey, this is not the moment of the Future of Computing.
    This is the moment of going backwards. This tech COULD be like a huge step ahead in like 2013-2015
    For now – this is obsolete and useless data leaking and anti-privacy-related product, and you know – this is true.
    Like for real, we CAN have a tech of brain-connected ARVR sets, but some influencers told to market vision pro as a Top-Notch tech.
    Bro, we can’t evolve when such a things slowed our technology down, this is a dead end, this will turn people into stupidity, and never into productivity.
    You can correct me if i’m wrong, but you will never do this, cause “money is the money”

  70. watching this guy use it as a fashion statement and watch entertainment videos..Yep..If I was AI i would eventually extirpate humanity. Were obviously the weakest link in the technological loop BIGLY.

  71. I don’t know how this works, but literally every of Casey’s videos has this magical touch to it. Makes me really appreciate the king. To the Vision Pro: It seems to be as amazing as it is kinda scary to have products like this entering our lifes, changing how we perceive reality. How we interact with our surroundings. It truly is surreal to be a Sci-Fi fan currently to have this mindboggeling technologies really at our fingertips – assuming you are willing and able to pay those HUGE prices. Future truly is here and I’m looking forward how the Vision Pros change the VR market and which crazy others products will be the result of it

  72. I hope you didn’t say “The dinasour is eating my donut!” while a big person is standing behind your virtual screen.

  73. Remember a couple of years ago when everyone said Google glass looked stupid and dorky and no one would ever where them out in public?

  74. Can’t wait until everyone is wearing normal glasses with AR. I hope one day it gets good enough to replace all our devices. I can’t wait for this all-in-one

  75. I have also said for the past 10 years ever since AR was introduced that it is the future. While the tech may not be perfect for it yet, this is a great step in that direction

  76. No doubt this is the future. In a couple of years when its a much slimmer sleeker device everyone will be wearing it and it will be normalized which is kinda scary

  77. This seems so mind blowing but also not surprising at the same time.. I think it’ll get smaller than this sooner than later

  78. …so more people disconnected from each other, no thx…smartphones have already done this enough to society

  79. Can y’all imagine that we are going to look back at this video decades down the line and can see how it all started?? Crazyyy

  80. This is what Microsoft’s Hololens has been doing 2016! The difference is Microsoft’s marketing and product design sucks, but Apple know how to market even though they are copying the idea.

  81. Just another Apple failed product people will buy, use 5 times and let dust slowly eat it away. Sad. 2 minutes in and you can easily tell it will never be a thing. Entertaining video though !

  82. tech YouTuber please make notes on this…this is how you make a relatable tech video to the people. absolutely amazing Casey Neistat love this !!!!!!!

  83. It’s crazy to think that I won’t be alive to experience the full potential of this in the future. My kids will though 🙂

  84. To be fair – if I go out on a date/meeting/anything and someone is wearing the next 5th version of this… It will be the same as being ignored while someone sits on their phone.

  85. Oh man, just imagine if someone made a mobile computer. That would blow this out of the water…..

  86. Warren Buffet appears to be right again. He dumped airline stock at a tremendous loss to put the little he got for it to work at Apple and elsewhere.

  87. The subway thing tjey have to improve. It’s a pitty if you cannot use it in the plane or the train, or in the back of a car.

  88. A man with a vision . . . . or visions. I wonder if after prolonged use, one would lose their sense of reality.
    Like people who are oblivious to their surroundings because their are affixed to their smartphone displays.
    This device has tremendous potential, especially if they manage to shrink it down with time.

  89. this is the worst Apple Vision Pro they will ever make – my man just nuked their sales targets!

  90. This is hilarious… Not sure if you have seen the “don’t text and drive” adverts….

  91. Why Apple products reviewers go extreme in their product reviews while others non-Apple product reviews is more rational and make sense.

  92. The VR itself is pretty good, now if there can be a Neuralink chip which doesn’t require a surgery, the experience would truly be complete

  93. Errrr. an airplane has turbulence -they’re famous for bouncing around – so this won’t work on an airplane?!?!? That’s why I wanted to get it in the first place! omgz.

  94. Is this really “IT”? Watching a Mr Beast video on the subway? I hope that’s not what the future is.

  95. It is not enough to have phone zombies. Now we would have full VR zombies walking on the streets?😂

  96. That’s the iPhone that no one expect it
    Need some good cameras 📷 for pictures & videos and a smaller size !

  97. Don’t sell yourself short. your video is amazing. This is what most people are gonna be using their vision pro for, anyways!!!

  98. So obvious once you watch this why no other reviewer wore it outside. Great review highlights exactly what we want to know.

  99. I was confused at the end. Because I thought the overall thought and what this video I think really shows is how disconnected the technology so far makes you from the outer world. One could argue that sitting in the train looking at the phone also makes you seem disconnected. But other people can see you looking at your phone. With Vision Pro no one would know if you are seeing your environment or not. If you are looking at them or just at a YouTube video. This is something we need to find a way on using this technology in the society to help society becomes more connected, rather than even more disconnected

  100. This is the best review of this thing because it showcases the end game of ar/vr headseats. I really want to be alive to see this reach a small enough form factor that you don’t look too silly using it outside.

  101. Casey 100% just had a chuckle at the visual of himself walking around the streets of NY with a $4000 headset on and sent it.

  102. when Google glass was released i gave collage presentation how it will evolve to iron man helmet vision, well google glass got trashed but Apple is the chosen one who made the magic possible!!

  103. I literally hope all Apple fans wear this all the time. I can identify them and dismiss them as complete idiots before I talk to them at all. 🙂

  104. It’s the best think they made so far to be completely disconnected with the real world! Just what we needed

  105. Great video Casey! I would really like to hear your thoughts on Vision Pro vs Quest 3. I think you are dead on, spacial computing is this tiny snowball that will actually roll into a massive boulder. Cheers to the future 🤙

  106. There’s an anime called Accel World(2012) the technology they used was called Neuro Linker. It’s basically advance 2x version of Vision pro. You wear it like a necklace and it wirelessly transmit information into your brain so you don’t need google/glass.

  107. A couple decades from now, this video might be looked back at to see not only how clunky the goggles originally looked, but how the general public reacted to such a bizarre, new piece of tech

  108. Happy to help film this one! Please don’t ever FaceTime me with your Persona again thanks

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