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this is the World’s Smallest Vlogging Camera and it’s pretty incredible

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this is the World’s Smallest Vlogging Camera and it’s pretty incredible

Insta360 Go 3 (use my affiliate link!)

music https://www.prodbyponder.com/



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30 thoughts on “this is the World’s Smallest Vlogging Camera and it’s pretty incredible”
  1. How the hell does he shot all those shots? Does he have secret team for drone shots etc. or he does by himself everything??

  2. hi casey, how about the low light stabilizer for go 3 ? if gopro hero 10 the low light stabilizer is still bad

  3. thats a very impressive camera, outstanding Casey, btw how the hell did you get that thing into your mouth ?🤣

  4. Really inspired by your work man. Did you plan all these shots ahead of time before the video or did you just improvise some of them as you went? The part where you said “oh shit” as you realized you were about to hit a rough patch in the road and grabbed the steering wheel, then edited in the drone shot from above of your car hitting the water. That was dope. Awesome job on the video man!

  5. Casey is the only person we know that has one of the greatest transitions!

  6. Are yalls family in South Africa having any problem over there? After seeing all the videos of people wanting to committed genocide against white farmers over there. Kinda crazy looking at the videos. Just wondering if it’s a real thing or not.

  7. You’re never going to admit you’re woke af. are you? .. or that being woke destroyed the city you were so in love with.

  8. Not a podcaster but definitely want this, go pro of years ago was just not cutting it. I think Dan at Escape to Rural France must be using this as has had awesome shots and sometimes does thing where there are 2 or 3 of him working in the same bit of video and moving all around the chateau ruin like has a full camera crew.

  9. Unable to Register my new Go3 as my mobile (Samsung Galaxy) cannot download the required Insta SoftWare as it is NOT compatible? Never mentioned, I wonder why? I tried a friend’s Motorola and it didn’t work either! Tech Support said “this is only compatible with certain phones” ! Why is this never mentioned on any reviews ???

  10. Damn Casey you still impressive with your videos, best filmmaker out there no cap😮

  11. I hope they make a black version to be more stealthy. I want to record a vacation trips and white stands out a lot more

  12. Sometimes you just have to let the king try it out 👑 glad you didn’t give up on the surfing shots… paid off hard!

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