You know what will go nicely ith your stylish midtown haircut and a trendy pair of brand jeans? A fresh, clean, and new looking pair of sneakers. Believe it or not, but there is no need to run and buy a new one, especially if you have the means to prolong the life and appearance of those you already have.


  1. Buy Proper Products

Scout your local shops or browse the Internet and shop for the products suitable for cleaning sneakers and running shoes. You need to purchase a special solution as well as a brush, which will allow you to take care of your footwear the right way.

  1. Wash Properly

First and foremost, make sure to wash off the most of the dirt. Grab a spare toothbrush and scrub the rubber parts to remove dust and grime. After the soles are clean, dunk the sneakers in a bowl of warm water. Let them soak for a couple of minutes and add a laundry detergent of choice. You also can use stain remover or bleach if your shoes are white. Scrub the shoes until you get most of the dirt out. After that take your footwear out of the soapy water and use the purchased solution and brush to rub at the remaining stains. Use hot water for this step. Rinse your shoes off with warm water and repeat the last part of the process several times if needed.

Try out this method of cleaning your sneakers of even running shoes when they get dirty and not-so-fresh looking!