It is hard to believe, but some people built their hair care routine on myths! You can live happily without knowing that ninety percent of your knowledge about hair care and styling are false. To avoid such horrible misunderstandings, our professionals at NYC barbershops are ready to bust three most common hair myths and tell you the whole truth about your locks.

Styling products make your hair dry

So wrong! Modern hairstyling remedies almost a hundred percent consist of natural ingredients. Additional components like alcohol also cause no harm to your locks, because it is highly volatile. In his way, it simply evaporates when you apply the product to your hair or even earlier

Frequent shampooing cause greasy hair

Wrong again! The level of your hair`s greasiness depends only on your skin type, and not on the washing frequency. Natural fat – sebum, produced by special glands in your scalp, makes your hair look oily. Appropriate shampoos created to remove excess grease from your scalp and locks, to make it look clean, fresh, and voluminous.

Dark hair grows faster

Yep, it is also wrong! The truth is that blonde hair is commonly much thinner weaker and more prone to damages. That is why some can think that dark hair grows faster. In reality, two factors determine the speed of your hair growth: genetic and your lifestyle. People with good health, who prefer healthy eating and sport usually have long and beautiful strands.

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