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1. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?


I would be Buttercup, one of the Powerpuff girls. because then I’d get to kick ass and look cute doing it. I’d get to fight funny villains like Mojo Jojo (yes, I still watch cartoons)





2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Life and the people around me. Also from the pressure of people wanting to hear more of what I’m thinking, when I’m really not thinking anything at all.
3. What made you decide to become a stand up comedian?
I always did well in comical roles and after being nagged to try stand up comedy I actually fell in love with the craft. A lot of actors seem to think if you can perform a monologue you can do stand up, but it is a craft that goes much deeper than that. 
4. Who is your favourite comedian and why?

Currently I have two: David Kau and John Vlismas because I always end up sliding off the chair when I’m watching them and they both have big hearts.



5. Where in the world would you like to perform and why?

I would love to perform in the US to see how universal my stuff really is. And also because I hope Ben Stiller might be in the audience and go “I should work with that girl!”


6. What’s your biggest fear when on stage?



7. What’s your favourite joke?

My gag about Afrikaner men and their short shorts. Because it cracked me up so much when I came up with it, and also when I first did it on stage, I can’t believe how obvious a gag it is.


8. Being a comedian, are you always funny and joke around or is it only when on stage?

Only when I am on stage. I laugh more than everyone off stage, I love it.

9. Where do you get your material from?

Everywhere – This is like what inspires me really. if it matters to me, there will always be something funny about it in my view. 


10. What can your fans expect from Tumi Morake later this year?

My fans can expect more of the usual “Oh No She Didn’t” opinions, and more of me on the telly. And I expect them to vote for me in the Audience Choice category of the Comics Choice Awards (hahaha)