Here are some of the best TV shows with a southern vibe you should watch!

  1. Preacher

If you are looking for a religion-oriented southern flick, this new show would be a wonderful choice. Full of badass characters, cursing, alcohol, fights, and southern goodness is one is a must-watch for anyone interested in the topic. Not to mention, it will be especially interesting for those, who loved Misfits – Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun are 2/3 of the main trio! An extremely attractive cast, awesome characters, and a complicated plot make this show a true gem!


  1. True Detective

If we are speaking about southern TV show, it would be a true crime to forget about the season 1 of True Detective. The plot largely revolves around two detectives who tried to solve the crime back in the 90s. The flawed but real characters and an interesting plotline will definitely keep you glued to the screen!

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

This awesome re-telling of the 90s’ movie of the same title is something everyone should watch. Unfortunately, the distinctive southern feel is present only in the first season. Yet, it does not make this flick any worse. If you are a fan of Robert Rodriguez, vampires, and Spanish folklore this one will be a true treat for you. An awe-inspiringly gorgeous cast is another bonus. Want to look badass AF? Go to one of the barbershops in NYC and ask for the haircut featured in the show!

Have an hour or two to spare? Grab a snack and your TV remote and spend this time watching one of these amazing shows!

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