Urban Brandy has summer cocktail bases covered

The Smoked Oak

This summer season, South Africa’s premium brandies are leading the charge

when it comes to the creation of the some of the coolest, craftiest and most

refreshing cocktails you’ll savour in some of our cities’ hottest venues.

As delicious and ennobling as the finest award-winning South African brandy

is, this season its junior cousins are certainly proving they have much to

offer at the bar. Unveiling a host of new on-trend cocktail recipes that are

fun, fresh and flavoursome, Urban Brandy’s new libations are displaying the

sophisticated characteristics and flavours that follow in the spirit of brandy

Cocktail lovers can look out for new brandy cocktails that include the likes of

the Afri-Tiki – an elegant African-inspired cocktail that promises to be many a

cocktail connoisseur’s ‘cup of tea’. Combining Klipdrift Export with rooibos tea

and Amarula, then mixed with the fruity flavours of cherry and grapes and

tantalisingly topped off with zesty lime wedges and dashes of bitters.

Set to be another locally-inspired liquid attraction, the Route 62 Daisy Cup

delivers all the makings of the quintessential South African summer sipper.

Made with fresh lime, lemon, grapefruit and splashed with fynbos liqueur and

naartjie soda, this Oude Molen 100 Reserve cocktail is then topped with fresh

herbs. There’ll be little more delightful than kicking back and relaxing on a

hot summer night with this smooth and sassy sundowner by your side (and

more to come whenever you desire so).

Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon-inspired cocktails are all the rage

internationally right now, and Urban Brandy has fast caught onto the craze.

Despite its chilly temperature, the Smoked Oak brandy cocktail offers up

warming notes of Amarena black cherries muddled with bitters, orange,

sugar and smoked bacon fat washed brandy and then served in an oak

smoked glass with bacon biltong. The main benefit is the addition of another

layer of creativity that creates new, unique flavors that work well with the

classical KWV 5 Year Old.

Based on the strong building blocks of classic cocktails, the newly introduced

Urban Brandy cocktails are set to explore a wonderfully new world of texture

and flavour. Whether you’re craving a zesty flair to your drink or a hint of

subtle smokey flavour, Urban Brandy has all the bases covered! We say, let

For more information on how to expand your journey into the wonderful

world of brandy cocktails please visit www.facebook.com/urbanbrandy and

join the movement @urbanbrandy.

R62 Daisy cup