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Watershed announces SA Summer Tour

SA’s number one acoustic rock band, Watershed, with no fewer than five record-breaking albums under its belt, has officially announced their SA summer tour.

Possessing that elusive spark that takes a band from mediocre to greatness, this iconic Jo-burg based rock outfit will be heading on a not-to-be-missed summer tour through December and into the New Year.

In partnership with VIVA Vodka, South Africa’s very own premium vodka spirit, the band will be revisiting old favourites, including the signature hit that propelled them to fame “Indigo Girl” as well as “Shine on Me”, “Letters”, “Southern Cross” and “Don’t Give Up in addition to a number of awesome new tracks.

Viva Vodka

Viva Vodka

The dynamic ensemble, complete with legendary front man and lead singer Craig Hinds,  drummer Howie Combrink, guitarist Gideon Botes and bassist James Sunney will be performing in numerous local hotspots (thanks to transport partner @PeugeotZA #FeelPeugeot) stretching from Cape Town to the sunny coast of Kwa Zulu-Natal and the tropical cane fields from which sponsor, Viva Vodka, derives its perfectly smooth taste and uncompromising quality.

Craig Hinds , Howie Combrink, James Sunney, Gideon Botes

Craig Hinds , Howie Combrink, James Sunney, Gideon Botes

Given the time of year, and against the backdrop of some of the country’s most scenic spots, the tour is an opportunity to experience an involving and memorable experience, that’ll stay with you long after the last note has faded. It promises audiences the same powerhouse performance, superbly composed sound, inimitable vocals, impeccable musicianship and that have proved responsible for the band’s international recognition and continued success.


Craig Hinds

Craig Hinds


Tour dates:

Date Place
21 Dec 2014 Beyond the Moon (Wilderness)
23 Dec 2014 Gardenroute Casino
27/28 Dec Woodstock Breweries (CPT)
29 Dec Gecko Bar (Hermanus)
3 Jan San Lameer (South Coast – KZN)
4 Jan Litchi Orchid (North Coast KZN)
6/7 Jan Die Boer (CPT)
8/9 Jan Café Roux (CPT)
17 Jan Paul Cluver Wine Estate (Grabouw)


For more information on upcoming shows visit the Watershed Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Watershed.



One of the most iconic South African rock outfits, Watershed have, since their humble beginnings, gone from playing acoustic sets in bars to performing for sold-out crowds; not just locally but internationally too.

Self-taught singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and ex-high school teacher Craig Hinds formed the first incarnation of Watershed in June 1998. The group recorded a demo CD (“Hay Making Time“), raising the interest of EMI South Africa.

It was “Indigo Girl”, taken from their debut album “In the Meantime”, that catapulted the band onto the radar of foreign territories. A German radio disc jockey, hearing the song whilst on vacation in SA, was so enchanted by the ballad that he aired “Indigo Girl” on his German radio channel, SWR3. The song hit the Top Ten and the band visited Germany, where they performed at “Top of the Pops” and SWR3 New Pop Festival. “In the Meantime” was nominated for two South African Music Awards whilst Watershed was voted South Africa’s Hottest Band by People Magazine for two years consecutively.


Wrapped in Stone” received a SAMA, and Watershed an invitation to perform alongside the likes of Queen, Bono, Beyoncé, Annie Lennox and The Corrs at the Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert, held in Cape Town 2003.

Watershed (bw)

Craig Hinds , Howie Combrink, James Sunney, Gideon Botes

Band members

  • Craig Hinds (Vocals, Piano, Acoustic guitar)
  • Howie Combrink (Drums)
  • James Sunney (Bass)
  • Gideon Botes (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)

Watershed have delivered 5 acclaimed albums

  • In the Meantime, released in 2000 – Achieved platinum
  • Wrapped in Stone, released in 2003 – Achieved gold
  • Mosaic, released 2005 – Achieved platinum
  • Staring at the Ceiling, released 2008 – Achieved gold
  • A Million Faces (Double Best of Watershed), released 2010

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