SACTWU’s official Wear SA campaign calls for all South Africans to ‘label check’ clothing and be aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions


Encouraging all South Africans to stand up, check the labels of the clothes they are wearing and be aware of where they come from, is the Wear South African campaign.  The Official Wear SA campaign is the trademark of the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU).  It is a call to action for each and every South African to please make informed choices when purchasing their garments, textiles and leatherwear, and to be aware of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the local economy and on local jobs.

Economies are cyclical.  “The clothing and textile sector is an important contributor to our national GDP.  But its sustainability continues to be threatened due to many factors, not least of all, the influx of poor quality, cheaper and illegal goods”, said André Kriel, General Secretary, SACTWU.  “But, as the consumerism trend switches from repetitive buying to purchasing quality and well-made classics that will last, the tide is turning and the local industry is once again starting to grow”.  This is being particularly noted in the eCommerce market where opportunities are plentiful for future looking brands and designers and something that Kriel and his colleagues are taking into account with the timing and emphasis of this campaign.

The Wear South African campaign encompasses SA made clothing and is targeted at all income groups.  Since launching in 2014, SACTWU has opened three Wear South African stores that retail a range of men and women’s quality garments at affordable prices.  While cost effective, the quality remains of the highest standard.  At the other end of the scale, SACTWU, through its official Wear SA campaign, invites established, emerging and student designers to create home-grown ranges that tempt more expensive pockets.

These collections (as well as the SACTWU own designed ranges) will be shown at a number of fashion promotion events over the coming months, highlighting design talent and the innovation that can be achieved with locally made products.

With a tightened belt, due to global economic pressures and our recent budget announcement, buying local should be an imperative for everyone. So Think, Design and Wear South African and make it count.

For further details please see: www.wearsaofficial.co.za

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