Olmeca Tequila

WIN an Olmeca Altos & Olmeca Tequila hamper!!

Do you want to win an insane Olmeca Altos & Olmeca Tequila hamper via DK Expressions? Of course you do!! Read through the most recent post below and head on down to the competition details. And, GOOD LUCK!

(Because, heck, I want this prize for myself!) It is a hamper that includes Olmeca Blanco; Olmeca Reposado; Edicion Black, Altos Plata and Altos Reposado which all totals to more than R1200.

The Tahona Society is a global network of passionate Bartenders. They set out to recognise and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production – the Tahona.

The Tahona Society introduces key players to the Tequila category and into the global professional community of bartenders in an order to gain knowledge and experience about the exceptionally fine denomination of origin product from MexicoTequila.

The new programme, launched to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Tahona Society, focusses on the Mexican Flavour Revolution, and the use of local ingredients in the cocktail scene.

By bringing the Olmeca and Altos tequila story to life, the Tahona Society enhances the understanding of tequila among bartenders around the world.

22 countries are participating in this world-wide event, and the final will take place in Arandas, Mexico in September of 2016.

The winner will become the Tahona Society Ambassador for one year and will deliver 4 local finals.

Judges for this final will be recognized world bartenders: Dre Masso (leading bartender and one of the creators of Altos brand), Charles Joly (previous winner), Chef Poncho of Hueso restaurant in Guadalajara and Mike Capoferri (American bartender and last year´s Tahona Society winner.)

Regional heats are now open for the global competition.

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